Below is a list of 43 Hawker Hunter aeroplanes that served with the Fleet Requirements and Air Direction Unit (FRADU) at RNAS Yeovilton between 1972 and 1995.
Almost all the airframes had seen earlier service with the Fleet Air Arm's second line Hunter Squadrons, such as 738 NAS, 759NAS and 764 NAS before being moved onto FRADU's strength at various times, some entering FRADU service as late as 1983. (For more information on the Hunter's life with these Squadrons please see 'The FAA Hunter Sqns' section above)

Clicking a serial will bring up the service history of that particular airframe in addition to a slideshow containing a minimum of five images showing it at various stages of its career with the FRADU unit, and if applicable its life as a privately owned civilian aeroplane.

Airframes are sorted listed in fleet number order beginning with the prefix 8, as they would have been in 1988 (aeroplanes that had been withdrawn or written off before this date are listed under its last active identity).

Section 1 - The Hunter GA.11s

Fleet No / Serial Owner/Location
830 - WV382 East Midlands Aeropark, Castle Donington, East Midlands
831 - WT804 Privately owned, Todenham, Gloucestershire
832 - XE668 Hamburger Hill Paintball park, Marksbury, Bristol
833 - WW654 Privately owned, former RNAS Ford airfield, nr Clymping, West Sussex
834 - XE716 Abandoned after engine failure, 16/5/83
834 - XF301 Privately owned, (for sale) USA (former N301XF)
835 - XE682 Burned out on RNAS Culdrose Fire Dump
836 - WV267 Present location unknown - Can you help?
837 - WT711 Lakes Lightnings, Spark Bridge, Cumbria
838 - WT806 Privately owned, Bruntingthorpe, Leics
860 - XF300 Present location unknown - Can you help? (G-BZPC/'WB188')
861 - XE685 Hawker Hunter Aviation, RAF Scampton, Lincs (G-GAII)
862 - WV256 Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre,  Newquay Airport, Cornwall (G-BZPB/'WB188')
863 - XF368 Believed scrapped at Cape Town, South Africa  (former G-BZRH)
864 - XE689 Privately owned, Stroud, Gloucestershire (G-BWGK)
865 - XF977 Abandoned after engine failure, 17/3/81
865 - XE707 Bentwaters Cold War Museum, Bentwaters, Suffolk (former G-BVYH / former N707XE)
866 - WT723 Privately owned, Horizon Aircraft Services, MoD St Athan, Wales
867 - WT809 Crashed near Ilchester, 14/6/88
868 - WT744 Privately owned, Saunton, Devon

Section 2 - The two-seat T.8C and T.7 Hunters

Fleet No / Serial Owner/Location
745 - WT745 Crashed on approach to Manchester Airport, NH, USA, 18/06/98
869 - XF310 The Emily Museum, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia (VH-HMS)
870 - XF358 Privately owned, Horizon Aircraft Services, MoD St Athan, Wales
871 - XF357 Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation, Leeuwarden, Netherlands (G-BWGL/'N-321')
872 - WV363 Abandoned after fuselage & engine fire 15/2/92
873 - XF985 Abandoned after engine failure, 10/4/90
873 - XF994 Hawker Hunter Aviation, Scampton, Lincolnshire (G-CGHU)
874 - XF991 Abandoned after engine explosion 25/5/78
874 - WT702 Crashed into the sea, 16/12/82
874 - XL601 Brussels Air Museum, Vissenaken, Belgium
875 - WT772 Abandoned after engine failure, 21/9/76
875 - XF289 Lortie Aviation Inc, Montreal, Canada (former G-BVYI/ex-N289XF)
876 - XE665 Privately owned,  Coltswold Airport, Gloucs (former G-BWGM)
877 - XL584 Crashed into the sea, 31/10/84
877 - WV372 Crashed at Shoreham-by-Sea, 22/08/15 (G-BXFI)
878 - WT722 Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre,  Newquay Airport, Cornwall (former G-BWGN)
879 - WT799 Above and Below Diving Centre, Womersley, Yorkshire
879 - XX466 Privately owned, Gloucester, Gloucs
879 - WV396 Anglesey Transport Museum - Tacia Taid, Newborough, Wales
880 - XL598 Privately owned, Cape Town, South Africa (ZU-ATH)
 - XL565 Privately owned, Bruntingthorpe, Leics

Section 3 - The 899 NAS (but maintained/operated by FRADU) T.8Ms

Fleet No / Serial Owner/Location
723 - XL580 Fleet Air Arm Museum (stored), RNAS Yeovilton
724 - XL603 Privately owned, New Richmond Airport, WI, USA (N419ZS)
 - XL602 Privately owned, Canada (former G-BWFT)

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