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"Ray Down lives in Somerset and used to work as a fitter on Hunters for Airwork at RNAS Yeovilton from 1972 to 1983.
He has sent me these excellent photos of FRADU and other interesting aircraft to put on this site."

1. 2.
Eight GA.11's parked on the RNAS Yeovilton apron. A line up of T.8C's in March 1981 at Yeovilton

3. 4.
Inside one of the FRADU hangars during 1981. An Avon 122 engine recently pulled from a Hunter T.8C.

5. 6.
GA.11 WT804 is the subject of a fire drill. GA.11 XE682 awaits its next sortie.

7. 8. 9.
How much damage can a birstrike do to an aircraft? This was inflicted on GA.11 XE682/835 and it ended its flying career.

10. 11.
Two shots of GA.11 WV256 on the FRADU dispersal at Yeovilton

12. 13.
T.7 XF310 fresh from delivery to FRADU, uncoded and in RAF colours. T.8C WT799 on the ground at VLN.

14. 15.
T.8C WT799 airborne from Yeovilton. GA.11 XE707 about to get airborne from RAF Leeming.

Ray sits on the tail of a FRADU GA.11.

17. 18.
T.8C XF985 coming in to land The third T.8M XL580 at Yeovilton

19. 20.
GA.11 XE685 carrying a rocket pack. XE689 undergoing preparation for flight

21. 22.
Canberra TT.18 at VL in Sept 81. Canberra TT.18 WJ614 coming in to land.

A T.22 Canberra at Yeovilton in Sept 81.

Before... After...
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A German Marine F-104 Starfighter pictured before and after the aircraft crashed at Yeovilton's Air Day 1979.The pilot was unfortunately killed.

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Ray Down lent all images shown above to myself.
If you wish to use these photos on another web-site you must first get his permission.

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